Dear everyone I love,

I’m going to take some time to go within. I’m going to keep the posts private for a while (neat feature, here!).

I think the only way to do “this” is for me to sit with my loneliness and learn to reach for myself when things turn dark. At least, for a while.

I think great immovable pain requires great acts of trust and faith.

I love you so much. 🌻 Anu, Mana, Rach and Azur thank you for seeing me and letting me know that you love me (anyway).

Here’s a picture of Loco to keep you company, in the meantime:

2 responses to “Interlude”

  1. Leaving you with cheesy dialogue at you forget –

    Friendship is like the strings of a violin , just because you’re not playing it does not mean it will never make music again.

    Till we see you again

    1. Until then <3

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