I’m Sorry

Dear Loco,

As much as I’ve used it, I think Sorry is the most empty word in the whole entire English dictionary because by itself it means NOTHING.

Nobody wants to be saddled with somebody else’s self-flagellation.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so fucking sorry”.
What value has that?

Nobody wants to be saddled with an empty apology to mitigate need for further conversation.
“I’m sorry” with a shoulder shrug

Nobody wants to be saddled with this word hanging between them with no meaning.

I hate saying “Sorry”, sometimes hate hearing it too. We women say it too much, men don’t say it enough. What’s the point?! It has so much baggage.

A sincere “apology” has self-reflection. A sincere apology has a path forward.

“I hear you. This is how x transpired. This is how it could be different on my end. How do you feel about that?”

Now that is an “apology”. People want to be heard, and validated. Not apologised to. Anybody who accepts only “Sorry” is taking the cheap win over something that could have been real.

If I walk in to someone by mistake, I could hold my hand up and smile and it would hold more value than not looking them in the face and muttering sorry as a reflex more than a sincere gesture towards another human being.

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