Lose you to love me

Dear Loco,

As I quote super star Selena Gomez, I’m feeling a sense of elation about letting go. I thought all I’d feel is fear.

I mean I needed Rach to say “You’ll be okay, and if you’re not you can come back”. And I don’t know between then and now when something melted. I know there’s still work to do, and this sojourn is going to be worth it. I’ll surrender some of my fears to the earth, and hope it turns in to a flower bed.

We humans do the most, when we have to concede control. We talk and talk incessantly about various things to help our brain make sense of things. To feel safe. Life happens without and despite the narration in our brains. Take manifesting turned in to a practiced profession, for example. It’s interesting, I’ve noticed I’ve always been given more than what I knew to expect the minute I was ready on a molecular level (even when my brain had it’s own boxes to narrate within).

So, to the universe having my back!

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