Fickle Heart

Dear Loco,

I’ve always thought love is fickle, unpredictable and thereby unsafe. And I’ve tried to find evidence to the contrary, or maybe I’ve only looked for confirmation as a way to keep myself safe.

Somebody can give you a key to their house, and tell you it’s yours. Then, turn around and knock you over the head. Comprehension is fickle.

“The biggest mistake I made was believing that if I cast a beautiful net I’d catch only beautiful things.”

The OA

But I had you. Love is everyone’s right, and love between two people is earned with trust. The ability to trust yourself, foremost.

I learned to trust myself, with you, because you invited that trust so wholeheartedly. And there was trust between us. It built one of the greatest love stories I have known. A gem in difficult times, for me. A lesson.

So, maybe love isn’t fickle but the heart is.

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