Dear Loco,

It’s funny how much import we as a society give to “Logic” and rational thinking because it is the very thing that fails me every single day.

Can’t fight fire with fire.

You get told BS stories as a kid like “Black cat crosses your path spit thrice on the side of the road to avoid doom”, and you grow in to an adult that maybe negates that or is unable to because “Somebody once died after a black cat crossed their path because they didn’t spit thrice”. It depends on the stakes a situation holds.

So, for me, I have stories too. And some of those have been easy to “No, thank you” but some others just have a tight-hold over your heart clenching all the life from it. In the throes of trauma, no amount of logic works.

You find other ways out, then maybe find BS story-defying evidence (gently), you talk to yourself. And it all happens sometimes naturally over time, or slowly with the process. All you can do is make yourself aware of it, sit with it, accept it and love yourself enough to conquer all.

On a sidenote – I spoke to Adi today, and for some reason it was comforting. He was clear in his communication, and chill! It was encouraging!
And I read a bunch of subscribed emails, which also feels good because I put on horse blinders and told myself my only goal for today was this.

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