Love is the antidote

Dear Loco,

I loved you so much – it gave me joy, it set me free, it broke my heart and it pieced it back together.

I still love you. A lot.

I’ve been moving through life with so much fear, and the desire to control all the variables so I can feel less of that. Two things – Anger and Love – have been the only “things” that moved me out of that place.

I think anger is fear motivated, and anger is “Don’t mess with what I care about”.
“Don’t mess with my love”
Like a Tiger that will attack you if you approach it’s offspring, intent unspoken. And even goddesses, and nature reserve their right to express their fury and their fears.

I’d go to my sessions with Sumedha and ask that I wanted peace and contentment in my life. And while that may be true, above all I want love. Not love like the notion of a significant other, but just the resounding energy of a love-filled life.

When I turn to love, I don’t worry about a future filled with expectations. All I hope for it, is love. In love, I believe I can do anything.

I want to create art that is filled with love.
I want a house that is filled with love.
I want to do work that is filled with love.
I want to read books that are a labour of love.
I want a life filled with love.

I loved you, I let you go, and I grieved you. It brought pain, healing, joy, ecstasy, curiosity and a plethora of life’s offerings. Not suffering, because that is a choice.

I want my life to emulate that. My life does emulate that. For the most part, and everyday a little more. 💟

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