Dear Loco,

I have a list so long, you could run a marathon, of things Not to do. What not to do, to get better. But I struggle with what to do instead.

“Frame your desires in the affirmative.” How.

A boon and a bane – to have enough distracting things to do and to be distracted.

Let’s try this.

I want gentle stretches.
I want deep breathing.
I want deep sleep.
I want massages.
I want good, positive stories. Comforting words.
I want books.
I want meditative states.
I want to be present. Fully.
I want kitty cuddles.
Some times I want warm drinks, sometimes cool. Those amazing banana, peanut butter, dark chocolate and date smoothies I made. All vegan. Some Samahan. Mmm.
I want art. To see it, to make it.
I want to get MESSY in art.

OKAY? okay.

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