From the inside

Dear Loco,

I miss him. I miss his delightedness. I sat down and just felt immense despair at what I’d lost. I was so in my ego.

“What I’d lost”

I’ve been thinking about the 5 Yamas, and it took me a while but I got there. Non-possessiveness. He wasn’t mine, he belonged to himself and the world.

I’ve cerebrally accepted this, the rest of me is just too tired to fight. It’s too much effort to go against the grain. I’ll just do what I want – and trust it to be guided by higher judgment. At least when the voice calls from the inside.

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  1. Sharanya Kunnath Avatar
    Sharanya Kunnath

    “He wasn’t mine, he belonged to him and the world.” That’s a big realisation to come to. And doesn’t mean you love any less. ❤️

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