I + U + <3

Dear Loco,

I’ve felt both so supported recently, and not known how to quite believe it fully.

I got in touch with Rachmalai, and she’s been really supportive.
We’ve been like lighthouses for each other, calling each other to shore. Who’d have thought?!
Anu and Mana and Azur and mum all forming part of this little cocoon of healing. Luch too, obviously.

Then some more drama came up, and I made the choice to cut the cord from that, which was really mature of me (if I do say so myself).

Some nonsense about a player reputation in the Queer community and a slew of broken hearts and following hatred towards me.

I mean…H’oponopono. You’re entitled to your opinions about me.
“Not my monkey, not my circus”

And this:

I’m okay, You’re okay!

P.S. – The way Luna is carrying right now, she’s going to have 1000 babies and I am NOT ready, hombre.

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