Dear Loco,

Luchador has been such a wonderful energy in my life. Thank you for this gift.

He cups my face gently and nuzzles his face against mine. He brings play and happy baby energy. He just rubs himself against me and cuddles. He’s so wonderful. He’s fiesty which gives me great comfort that he can look out for myself. He’s like the perfect personality baby of you and Loons. He’s a fighter and a lover. The most wonderful yin-yang. He even booped my nose the other day.

Sometimes I find myself thinking “Don’t you dare change or leave”, and then think I just want to be in the present moment with him.

I don’t know what moved me to tell you to “Leave when you’re ready”. Maybe the illusory comfort of knowing you’d only do it a decade later given your life span. BUT I let you go with so much grace. And you bit me to tell me it was time. And then you gave me Luchu.

Life works out, and the universe has never let me down. Not really. I’m doing great work every day. I’m happy right here, and now.

And I miss you, and you will always be a piece of my heart. You taught me to love whole heartedly and with grace and compassion and presence. And even if I forget, I know you will remind me.

Love you, my little (but not really) Loco bean.

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