Dear Loco,

Apparently, the brain needs to designate black and white roles in situations of crisis. Good or Bad.

When you grow up in an environment of constant crisis (or it’s painted that way anyway), you’re always in “fight” or “flight”. Your body is almost chemically induced or trained or addicted to this response. And it keeps looking for what it knows for the REST.OF.YOUR.LIFE.


This is rough because you’re unlearning an almost biological knowing of how to be. You’re saying – here’s a new way to be.

Almost everything in life or most of life falls somewhere comfortably in the middle though. Yet in this “day and age”, the way we lead our lives is a negation of that very base life ethos.

Pictures of people’s greatest or saddest moments splayed across social media.
Annoying people that tell you to GRASP BY THE BALLS life and just upend it to be on the road.
RAGING music festivals

To be fair, I’ve done all of that. I’ve travelled for 3 months with 3 t shirts. I’ve gone for all the big artists and chased every big festival – I had a free photographer pass at the 1st NH7. I’ve done speed with random Dutch strangers who were asking random passers by for it and didn’t worry a second about being jailed in a foreign country. The list goes on.

But, right now, I just want everyone to shut the fuck up. I want to sit comfortably in the middle with my cat purring beside me.

And maybe that’s how you break the pattern.

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