Dear Loco,

Today Anu brought up the idea that somebody who would be in my life in the future would not have known you. It hurt.

I hop3jkiu – This was Lucha.

I hope one day I can do justice to the memory of you. A part of me tells one story about a great love of my life, and another part tells another story.

All you can do is dare greatly, and love whole heartedly. And this you taught me. I didn’t know or think loving you would cause me heartbreak. I left it to a future date but at any rate you taught me how to risk my heart and reap great rewards or at least Azur reminded me that was the pay off.

So, today I dared greatly and loved whole heartedly. The process at least. I did it for art, and simply for the sake of doing something the heart calls you to do.

Lucha is purring beside me as I type this, and I love him too as a gift only you could give to me.

In this moment at least, I am at peace and with love.

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  1. Whoever is next can meet you guys. <3 We might not have met if it hadn't happened, because we wouldn't have been looking.

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