Last Supper

Dear Loco,

Stop letting everyone into your space,
Giving them a place,
to lie their burdens.

Your sanity is malnourished,
cause you too busy serving,
sympathy to everybody else but your own psyche.

And now you might be,
less likely,
to save the world if you too busy fighting,
divine timing,
by disguising,
those wounds you have yet to heal.

How does it feel knowing that a thief,
can come and steal your peace?
cause your lack of boundaries gave them permission.

You just a gift that keeps on giving.
No excuse should excuse you from not putting yourself first.

What you scared of your past or somethin’?
What you scared your friends gon’ laugh or somethin’?

Cause what you feel is what you attract,
So if you assume,
or consume –
the idea that you’re lacking –
that’s exactly what you’ll be waking up and having.

Absence for breakfast.
You’re a habitual sceptic and a visual paradox,
being the culprit in question.

But you keep looking for someone else to blame,
you keep looking for someone else to explain,
why equivalent exchange don’t apply to you.
Why your peace of mind won’t reconcile with you.

God complex with no God inside of you,
but you want your disciples to decipher you?!

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  1. Nice to read the whole thing. Beautiful.

    1. Yeah, no? <3

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