Be like water

Dear Loco,

I feel like I’ve been in a sweat lodge all day, but in my house.

I exorcised so much stuff, all while making some steady progress on putting things away. This is a good reminder to myself that “I am fucking amazing and strong and badass”.

Seriously, though, how amazing am I? I know you certainly thought so.

I feel growth. So much growth. If I knew one year would bring me this much, I’d have rested more those previous years. What was I so worried about?

Everything I’ve thought was the worst thing possible has only served me in the best possible way. Has been to my incredible advantage.

I see the purpose in everything. Even losing you. It’s the only thing I would take back if I could. Though holding on to you would not have been fair. I’ll make peace with it at some point.

Be like water“, said Bruce Lee.

Be. Like. Water.

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  1. You ARE amazing.

    1. Love youuu!

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