Hello, friend

Dear Loco,

I lay in bed completely spent today, and Lucha spent the whole day with me and he slept on my chest.


I think we may have a friendship here.

And I made another friend. She was like a cross between a Disney step-mom and a sci-fi monster. I’ve just been begging for all of these parts of me to disappear but then I took my own advice today and held her hand.

I am so grateful for her. She was amazing. We were amazing!!!

And then all of the calm of the universe washed over me. I sat in the balcony, and could hear the birds chirp.

I booked the outdoor cabin for Tuesday, and now we rest because there’s much play to be had.

I imagined his inner child and mine making peace. His on a tree cradled in the branches, and mine on a snow-capped peak diving into a blue-green pool with a silver bed. Our energies tied to something other than each other.

I love you, my little frittata. Always.

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