A Scroll of small (big) victories

Dear Loco,

I’ve danced with Lucha, I’ve told him stories about you.

I’ve listened to music I haven’t in a long time.

I’ve eaten delicious food and watched a movie by myself. Rented one just for me.

I’ve sang.

I’ve cleaned. Really achieved something I was sure I couldn’t, just based of corrupted data and a story I told myself. Just got it done slowly.

I’ve bonded with Luna and understood her better. She just ushers me to my bed like a sick patient and sits on the bed like a guard dog.
I took better care of her, and started paying more attention.

I’ve opened my heart to forgiveness.

I’ve eaten humble pie. I’ve been willing to look where I was too afraid to see myself differently.

I’ve stood up for myself when I was most afraid. And exorcised the hate I held.

I’ve worked on myself. So much work, and continue to do so.

I’ve healed generational trauma.

I’ve let go, even when it was hard.

I’ve continued to fight even when I didn’t have faith I could do it.

I’ve loved deeply. You. I loved you.

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