Skip ahead to the finish line

Dear Loco,

I’ve been feeling what it’s like to take the teensiest tiniest steps forward.

I’ve always wished I could skip ahead to the finish line but all this trauma isn’t like a rotting limb you amputate. It is like a tree that you didn’t want springing up. But it’s there now.

It’s old and rotting and ugly and you could cut it down. But there’s something to say about “a product of it’s environment and complex ecosystems”. Like when they killed all the carnivorous animals because “a danger to humans” and then realised the complexity of all life within an ecosystem.

So, you nurture the ugly tree. You whisper kind words. It slowly heals.

One day you look outside your window and it is healthy and you can sit under it and read your favourite book.

You wonder what you were so afraid of to begin with!

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