Dear Loco,

Today I have a much free-er day, and I’ll thank the universe that I get to finish what I could not yesterday. Yay!

Today Yassar was a bit blunt in his delivery of something. On one hand, I do have a sense of no malice attached to it. On the other, it feels a bit like “that was not nice!”. I am proud of how I handled it.

I wonder about all the little hurts I carry along. The big ones – being as glaring as they are – I find you eventually have to deal with. Is the only cure attempting to wake up with gratitude everyday? And faith?

Another casual mention, despite my exhaustion with it, is how effective I’ve been at picking a task focusing on it and moving other things that come up on to my list. Breaking down all the tasks in to small little things, and then just doing them. Not always as effective as I’d like, but effective nonetheless.

Then again, I wondered about what Azur said about Oliver Burkeman’s book and modern Time Management being a farce. BUT I’ll reserve judgment after reading the book. No need to jump the gun, no?

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