The Vet

Dear Loco,

I took Loony bean to the vet yesterday (with Lucha, ofcourse!) and I’ve realised this brings up a lot of anxiety for me. It’s always “this is life-altering maintenance that will ensure I won’t lose her”, and that is BIG BIG feelings. I’ve realised I should probably meditate or something before and clear space for this because my fear passes on to her.

Although since then, Luna has been endearingly nice. Her meows changed, like she’d been so goddamn colicky recently and she realised I was finally paying attention!

I think she has an eye irritation, she scratches it a lot.
I cleaned her teefs and I think she has some plaque, so that needs some work.
And Lucha has fleas apparently so it is separation for the two.

I’m happy she’s happy. I would have thought she’d be irritated with me, but she wasn’t. Not after anyway.

In other news, I decided to stop focusing on the small details and just organize everything in to one cupboard and as soon as I gave myself that freedom I ended up doing most of what (and in the exact way) I wanted to do.

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