Peek a boo, I see you!

Dear Loco,

I feel like I’m in a fun game of hide-and-seek with myself. I lose myself, and find myself, and lose myself, and find myself.

Today, I felt a bit more connected to myself. I self-regulated. I held on to that tiny little raft and I let the ocean carry me. But I was steadfast in holding on.

This weather is both nice, and a bit of a downer. Room for every season though right?

I’ve been observing things about Luna, I didn’t see before.
She comes to me when I’m stressed, and asks for back rubs. Like “Pet me human, you’ll feel better”. I noticed today when I stopped and just really leaned in to petting her, she stayed perfectly still.
Like it’s more than going about petting her when she asks, like it’s a chore.
She wants it to be happy for me, both of us even.
Today, it felt like it was more for me.

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