Dear Loco,

All I can say is Phew!

I was menstruating. Other things happened.

I was in more pain than usual. Just, phew!

I make all these plans. I should just slow down.

Remind me to SLOW DOWN, okay?

It poured yesterday. I hate using cliche-d, irritating words that social media make famous and men like to over-use on dating apps. And pseudo-intellectual, Bukowski-loving idiots love to use. But, petrichor. It was nice for a bit.

What else…. I miss you everytime I have “my period”. I remember how you’d be more affectionate and glue yourself to my side. Towards the end this was you all the time.

Sometimes I imagine that like Dia de Los Muertos you’d come back for one day and we’d hang and I’d take the day off and we’d just chill. Just a day pass for frolic with my best friend.

Check with the people maybe?

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