Who is that girl?

Dear Loco,

I’m watching the new season of Next in Fashion, and it’s obviously very exciting for me. It also brings up memories of the girl I was.

I remember shamelessly stalking men’s clothing stores for baggy denims, and using my earnings doing odd jobs to buy washed out crop graphic tees. I was so fashion forward, and nobody got that. I was 14!!! And I have that same story of finding a voice in fashion

Honestly I don’t have enough appreciation for that girl. She was so so “cool”, even when she wasn’t trying to be!!

What am I even wearing?!?! That’s fire!

Still my favourite outfit of choice. Denim and a comfy tee beats nothing.

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  1. I’ve never seen these two photos.. that first one is way ahead of its time. Kind of close to what you were trying to recreate with the stuff you bought from shenzhen, maybe this is what you had in your mind, a deja vu that was more than a deja vu.

    1. N’awww. Haha, maybe 😀

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