Sharpening Claws

Dear Loco,

Alina and I had a big row over something vaguely stupid, but really it was about more.

It was about carrying her these past months. I’m learning, for me, saying nothing simply does NOT work.

Which terrifies me. But I suppose we’ve also learned we can make our choices. It’s important to be heard, and it’s important to be cared to be heard by those that deserve it. You voice is a gift, and a privilege.

She left, and I grieve for something. One of those things is Luna losing an “ally” (for lack of a better word). There’s something to come here to fill this space, I hope it’s filled with peace and love whatever it is. And I hope I’m enough – for this space, for Luna and Lucha and for everything else too.

You thought I was enough, no? That is enough too. More than.

P.S. I’m maybe a bit too proud of how happily my words cut. Vindication, I suppose or just being able to have a voice. Both possibly the same-ish thing or maybe better separated?

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