Crazy Moon Fighter

Dear Loco,

I don’t know what came over me today. I went and hugged Luna while she was sleeping and cried into her fur. She was so gentle.

I think Lucha’s reaction to me reminded me Luna has always been there – both of us learning to trust each other and love each other.
That all of us have always been family.
Whether I chose it or not, she loved me and she was here.

She was willing to communicate, even if she had to scream. She was always willing to fight. She was willing to learn. And she would always come back home to me, even when I lied to myself that I didn’t want it sometimes.

I took a toothbrush and cleaned her face, and she sat so patiently. Sometimes love doesn’t have the absolute perfection you brought to it. Sometimes love is a cranky cat, and her perpetually angy face.

And sometimes it is somebody willing to listen despite their every raging neuron firing not to. And that’s for you, C.

And for Lucha, he can earn his place in our family.

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