Dear Loco,

Luna ran off last night. I was sitting in the balcony, and the door was open the smidge-iest bit. She came crying, as she does.

I laughed to myself and thought “One day you’ll open that door” and imagined the right place she has to put pressure for some idiotic reason. And she opened the door, and ran. It was hilarious, and I just let go because there’s only so much you can control.

And it’s been about 24 hours now!

I tried to introduce Lucha to Nina, and it was a disaster of EPIC proportions. He tore my hand up like a cheese grater. Drew a healthy amount of blood. He’s ONE MONTH old!!!

How were YOU so uniquely YOU?

Today I am grateful for:
Being able to let go, I suppose
YOU for being YOU that nobody else can you.
and, FOOD!

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