The Person.

Dear Loco,

I’ve been prompted to wonder what I would like in a partner, and I think I have some answers.

  1. Somebody who can really listen. Somebody I want to listen to as well.
  2. Somebody who can see me. I think this means being appreciated. Somebody I want to see too. I suppose being in a place you’re willing to see (and, listen!) counts too.
  3. Somebody curious. I think this could be tied to curious to bother learning about me, and also curious to learn about the world. How boring would it be to sit over a coffee table and say “Did you know Octopodes have three hearts” and be met with a blank stare?!
    Add to the list, this means “somebody” would care to ask important questions of themselves and have the patience to find answers.
  4. Passionate. Not the passion that sets you on fire. But the kind where they want to pursue a life they love. Work they love
  5. Courage. I believe all of the above takes courage, but let’s add it here anyway. Vulnerability takes courage and I’d hope they’d bring that to the table.
  6. Shared Values – I’d imagine some of these would be:
    Love for animals & Vegetarian
    Do I dare say the cursed word “Feminist”?!
    Cleanliness – Can be messy, but are they clean?
  7. Respects their own boundaries, and mine.
  8. Kind – I think this deserves a separate mention because it’s possible to have the above and not know how to translate that with kindness.
  9. Communicates, just enough 🙂
  10. Loves food – sorry, not sorry!

I’m stopping at 10 because it’s well-rounded and also genuinely this could be it all. There are some superficial things to add, which I won’t because I believe what’s important has been said.

10/10 you were my soulmate. You were kind, communicative, brave, passionate, saw me, heard me, curious, clean (in your own weird way, despite peeing out the box) and you loved food!
Can you possess the body of an early 30s, rich, fit person please? Thanks!

Today I am grateful for:
My ability to keep fighting
My body’s sheer resilience against my madness

Love you, shmoobear.

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