The wait.

Dear Loco,

I waited patiently for Luna to have the other one. Not even sure if there WAS another one.

We went out and got some sunshine. She came every time the little kittu cried.

Then 24 hours had passed. It was 3:15 PM and I was worried again. We needed to know if there was another baby, but I had to separate kittu from mama to find out and it made me so anxious.
All the stuff I read online said 36 hours max and it was getting close.

We took Luna for a scan, and as it turns out Doctor Asha seemed convinced there wasn’t another baby. But we had to get a scan from Cessna to confirm because Doctor Asha only had an x ray machine and even if she were to confirm the presence of another kitten, she could not confirm it was alive.

And at Cessna the nightmare began. They did not have a technician available to do the scan, supposedly. I was shouting, and fighting. Fighting to ensure Luna was safe, and the baby was safe. Insisting on a scan.

There was this horrid doctor with the worst bedside manner. She said “The baby is 100% dead” after looking at the x rays, and then refused to speak to me after she took a scan I insisted she take.

Sid and I were fighting. I called Babts. I called Anu. I was crying. They were hearing me out. I felt alone, and yet I know I wasn’t.

Then another doctor told us the baby is fine, but she may need a c-section.
I see Luna opening her mouth and panting like you did that day. All I feel is dread.
We deliberated on what kind of intervention was fine. Anu tells me even up to 5 days is possible. I’m comforted. We give Luna some drips, and take her home.

I don’t think another baby there had so many non-family members just sitting around tending to them.

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