Dear Loco,

A question keeps popping into my head – Why were you so YOU? As if it’s a secret formula I can concoct to create an army of clones. And then I’d never have to say goodbye to aggressive squishes and bites and kisses and purring on my chest. I’m almost mad you loved me so much. Now I have to live without you.

There is a tsunami of noise barreling to the shore, and it destroys everything in it’s path. All you can do is find high ground, and once the deluge passes you can try to make sense of all the destruction. Like a machine I wish I could pull the cord out for sometime, and plug back in when I’m ready. The overwhelming swell of data is a lot sometimes. From others, from myself and what I’ve acquired from others.

I loved you (still do!) so so much. And I’m packing into here all the love I have from different places. The resentment and hurt slips into the cracks too. Maybe they’re all just different faces of our ability to feel. And all we can do is look upon them without judgment and say “Welcome, it’s nice to meet you”

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