Dear Loco,

I spent the day Hanging out at Third Wave, working and socialising.

It’s funny I met somebody who I discussed Third Wave feminism with, while sitting at Third Wave Coffee. I don’t think I’ve ever stopped to wonder why they named this Cafe as such.

I do wonder about people’s/my own value systems and their significance. I brought you home one day, and decided I was always going to fight for you. Was that my value system or was it just carved into my destiny and I simply followed along telling myself a story so it made sense.

“Be like water”, Bruce Lee said and I’ve always liked that. Water just flows or settles, doesn’t seem it does very much deciding. Formidable in some situations, a specter on another.

2 responses to “Specter”

  1. Reminds me of what we were discussing yesterday. <3

    1. I’m going to write about that today <3

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