Dear Loco,

I went for a lovely talk early in the morning today. It was about animal conservation. And maybe it was also a talk about how we don’t have all the answers.

He told us about how he ran a project to track the impact of snake rescuing. They put tracking chips on 2 rescued snakes. Released one 150 kms away, and the other 3 kms away. The snake far from home despite human intervention died pretty soon. The snake released close to home lived.

I wonder what ties humans have to their places of origin. To the wisdom of evolution that gets lost when you’re torn from your roots, from your home. To the years and years of generations learning to live in snow and eat salted meats. I know nobody is eating salted meats in an igloo anymore. I still wonder.

You were my home, and now you live in my heart.
I hope I can make it a warm one for you to live in.

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