Dear Loco,

Since nothing of note happened today, apart from me wrestling with my to-do list, let me tell you about something that happened on the 1st.

I decided to play Brene Brown’s Call to Courage on Netflix for mum, and there’s a part where she talks about losing people you love and still having been better for it because you let yourself be seen. I cried, and she held me. I let her see me.

I let you see me. You made it so easy. I let you see me goofy, I let you see me stupid, I let you see me sad, I let you see me cry, I let you see me completely naked, I let you see me vulnerable.

I want gardens to grow on every piece of this planet that has had the privilege of your tiny little paws touching it. I want my heart to be Eden for you because it’s where I carry you now.


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