Dear Loco,

I intended to do a lot of work today, but I went with Chutney to submit the forms for my license and ended up just following the road to Avati.

I went to “our” spot at Avati. I remember trying to get you back in the carrier, and you resisted with full force. And then you got off your leash, ran and hid in those huge cracks of rock. I was terrified!
I was sure I’d lost you – I imagined you’d be eaten by a snake, or you’d eat something really not good for you, or just that I’d never find you again. But we always had a way of finding each other.

I know it’s unfair to wish all your adventures only with me. You’re off now having different adventures with new friends. I only hope all your 9 (maybe more) lives are as fulfilling as mine has been, having had the privilege of you in it.

I’m trying so desperately to hold on, but I’m coming around to the fact that even if what once was isn’t anymore – I promise to hold on to everything you taught me.

Always and forever, bunny.

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