Another List

Dear Loco,

Here’s some more updates I’ve missed:

  1. Azur got shoes, a vest (which he looks very handsome in) and a teef (teeth) thing for Nins. I know I think he’s handsome, but those things didn’t matter to you, did they? To you, he must’ve been the very best specimen of human with his wide chest to sleep on and his nice beard to brush against.
  2. The auto-driver, who ferried us to the vet and back those stormy days, called me to ask about you. He said if it was a bone thing he knew a very good doctor. This touched me more than I can express to you. He was so kind.
  3. Mums and Pops got some clothes and self-care gifts from us. They’ve been quite happy with it.
  4. Looney now spends most of her time yelling at me or sleeping on my bed. She’s been such a wonderful companion, and I’ve been taking good care of her. I’m sorry you had to go for me to pay attention. I know you were making room, as we all must when we go.

Sometimes I just want the script for life, because sometimes I feel as if I’ve lost the plot. “What is the point of this” is a recurring question. I need meaning in my life. A sense of purpose. Here, I have to wonder if all these words whispered in binary is just a pointless endeavor. Then, I remind myself I love you, and that’s all that matters.

More soon, shnooklewumpkis.

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