Chronology of events

Dear Loco,

I’ve been so fixated on doing this “properly”, but it is taking it’s own shape and form. I’ve wanted to chronologically tell you everything, but some thing’s I’ve forgotten:

  1. I spoke to Xan in a donut chat on Friday, and they were amazing. Honest, so smart (in a way that I can respect) and funny. It’s nice to meet kindred souls.
  2. Nic sent condolences, and it was so kind. Vy too, and it had such an understanding to it. So did Andy and Ali. I sometimes remind myself to be grateful for the great things about this job.
  3. Luna misses you. While I’ve said this, I didn’t mention her getting lost because she was looking for you. I even concluded a successful, stress-free rescue mission.
  4. I met a kid at the chaat place on Saturday. I mentioned you, and showed her your video. She guffawed at the mention of “Bonda”.
  5. I, finally, spoke to Shant – I bought one of his lovely plants. I like to think I’ll raise it well, as I did you. And when it starts to wilt a little, I can resuscitate it.
  6. Luna wastes a lot of food, that I have to keep going down to give the stray cats. Nobody to clean up leftovers, and all this work for me.
  7. Mana and Anu agreed to “subscribe” to this “blog” (I requested so it didn’t feel so lonely here), and I’m so touched that they would even consider it.
  8. Lana got a plaque of your name. It was cute. I’m going to have to think of what to do with it.
  9. Azur and I remarked that you probably helped us repair our relationship. This probably deserves more than a passing mention on a list, but today that’s all the energy I’ve got.

Until tomorrow, Booche.

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  1. <3 Honoured to read these.

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