Lou, and the little things

Dear Loco,

I wrapped myself like a burrito, and braved the way home (while sick).

It was another day of rest, and reflection AND tending to Luna.

She’s gotten so plump around the belly. I think of all the things I didn’t notice with Luna because I spent all my love on you (Is love a tender that runs out?).
– She’s very communicative
– She says complex things like “Really, another cookie?”
– She thinks she needs to shout to be heard (like me)
– She’s very loving, just her brand of loving is different. “Will love you from safe distance”
– She’s clever – she knows it’s me she can come to for tending, Lana is good to leave her be and play.

We spend a lot of time just sitting out in the sun, in the balcony and she doesn’t run away like before (Remember we’d all three go out but Loons would run away to her corners and we’d be sitting together)
How do people have multiple children, really!!

The reflection for today:
I’ve been seeing a lot that people talk about “missing the little things” when it comes to missing their passed loved ones – but I’m not sure I can contain your absence in the “little things”. I always felt chosen when you came to cuddle. I was always amazed we had the bond we did. We also had so much change – I saw so many different Locos as I evolved:
Home #3633 Loco
Apartment PH4 Loco
Goa Loco
403 Loco

To all the different Locos, I love you.

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  1. I relate so much to the “I saw so many different Locos as I evolved”.

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