Dear Loco,

Alicia’s been sending me pictures of Finn everyday, and checking in on me. He’s almost as cute as you were. Were.

It’s hard to imagine you’re gone sometimes. I hadn’t registered through all this time that the only scent you’d leave behind is the smell of pee. And the comedy of it all doesn’t escape me.

I met Viv, and I bought him a round of drinks as a thank you from you. Just pottering around like your own personal elf saying thank you to all who’ve given to us.

I also met Anu and Mana today. Anu brought our Christmas gifts.

I think of it as a talisman that keeps me safe, and protected. Combined with the good luck tattoo from Dhanno, I think I’m good.
Of course, you’re my forever talisman. You’re here with me, always.

I love you, Gunda.

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