Tony & Cleo

Dear Loco,

Luna’s been acting crazy, I think she misses you AND get this… She may be pregnant.
If we’re going to have a reincarnation situation, then I’m going to name the Loco-est Kitten Slartibartfast as I originally intended with you.
You do have his BIG personality, and general swagger.

Luna keeps inviting me outside – it is either to look for you, or a casual hang. So, I did as she insisted and we ekekekekekekekeke’d at a couple of pigeons. This is how I became acquainted with Anthony and Cleopatra. They’re definitely in a very intense throuple with the pigeon that hangs out in the other block. However, before I could get the gory details of this affair, Luna promptly chased them away.

That’s Tony, Cleo’s being a bit of a Diva.

Later, Shmoo.

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