Dear Loco,

I googled words for a deep, deep, relentless sorrow – The kind that feels like it will swallow you whole, but that might only be the beginning – and I came up with Natsukashii.

a nostalgic longing for the past, with happiness for the fond memory, yet sadness that it is no longer.

Is that what I feel? Or is it a feeling with no name, and no return address?
I have more questions than answers. But I do have some answers.

I know I’m happy to live the rest of my days honoring you, and the things you taught me:

  1. Good food is everything.
  2. Never give up, especially when food is involved.
  3. Stay curious.
  4. Everything is a reason to play (except your toys), especially when it costs nothing (like abandoned cardboard boxes).


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